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My name is Shoayb Lambat and I am Leicester based designer who specialises in Islamic Art, Graphic Design, Web Design and Print. For more information on these services please visit my other website

Art is a visual representation of cultures, ideals and values - all in the form of design. It's about creating feelings and emotions. It's whatever you want it to be. I try to create Art that gets you thinking and talking about Islam.


I want Art to be more than just a picture on the wall - Islamic Art should engage you and get you thinking about Allah, after all He is the Ultimate Artist and the World is His Canvas.


Recently Islamic Art has developed into more modern concepts. Although Traditional Islamic Art will always have a place in our hearts as it represents our history, times have changed and so has Art. Islamic Art is evolving into something fresh, new, exciting and innovative. Boundaries are being broken to best represent the times.

My Art takes all things 21st Century and contemporary and fuses them with the best of Traditional Islamic Art. I believe it's time for the East to meet the West. It's time for
Art to Enlighten your Soul!                                                                            "inshallah"


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